Lip Repositioning

An excessive gingival show, also known as a 'gummy smile,' severely impedes an individual's personality. Surgery and orthodontic therapy can correct a gummy smile caused by altered passive eruption and tooth misalignment. Lip repositioning is a straightforward surgical treatment that can be used to treat a gummy smile. At Gardens Dental Spa, the technique reduces gingival show while smiling by limiting the muscle pull of the elevator lip muscles. This technique is risk-free and predictable, with few adverse effects. 

What is a Gummy Smile?

A beautiful smile, with your lips sweeping upward and your sparkling eyes crinkling, is lovely. It represents happiness and personal connection. Some people's excitement may be hampered by a condition known as a gummy smile. A gummy smile, also known as an excessive gingival display, is a smile that reveals an excessive amount of gum behind the top lip. It is a common unattractive clinical condition caused by the improper dental eruption, hyperfunction of the upper lip elevator muscle, excessive vertical growth of the maxilla bone, over-eruption of the anterior maxillary teeth, or a combination of the reasons mentioned above.

Who Will Make a Good Candidate for the Lip Repositioning Procedure?

Anyone unhappy with their gummy smile may be a good candidate for lip repositioning treatment. Patients considering surgery should be in generally good health and understand the advantages and disadvantages of the lip repositioning treatment. A disproportionate gum line can be caused by various factors, including abnormal tooth eruption, hyperactive lip muscles, and a large or abnormally shaped jawbone. We will undertake a physical assessment during the lip repositioning consultation to establish if this surgery is appropriate for an individual's aesthetic needs.

The Lip Repositioning Procedure 

The lip repositioning treatment is carried out within the preparatory examination's planning framework. The goal is to meet the patient's expectations while achieving visual perfection. The surgical procedure begins when the controls and planning are completed under the dentist's supervision.

Local anesthetic reduces the application's sensitivity in the region during lip placement treatments. A little portion of tissue inside and under the upper lip is excised during repositioning. As a result, the upper lip can no longer rise higher than usual. As a result, it will be perfectly balanced between the upper teeth and the upper gum line. Differences in the treatment process may arise depending on the physician's preference and the patient's lip form. The end goal, however, is always to match the patient's expectations.

The Advantages of Lip Repositioning Surgery

  • The use of only local anesthetic;
  • Provides quick results to people with gummy smiles
  • Gives a more balanced appearance in terms of teeth, lips, and gums
  • Increases the volume of the top lip, resulting in an aesthetically attractive appearance;
  • It instantly boosts a person's self-esteem and leaves no visible scarring.


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