Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure used to whiten teeth, remove stains and discolorations, and improve overall tooth color and confidence. At Gardens Dental Spa, whitening treatments use a bleaching agent that our dentist will apply to your teeth. The bleach is then activated with a special light that causes it to penetrate the surface of your teeth and whiten them from the inside out. Most patients see fantastic results after just one treatment, but occasionally touch-ups are necessary to achieve your desired level of whiteness.

The Difference Between Over-The-Counter and In-Office Whitening

Over-the-counter products usually come in tooth-whitening kits that are applied at home. Whitening toothpaste can also be effective at removing surface stains, but it’s essential to know that they provide only minimal results when it comes to actually brightening your smile.

At-home whitening systems are easy to apply and involve the application of a bleaching agent to the teeth using trays or strips. The bleaching agents typically found in at-home kits are peroxide-based. However, with these products, there is little to no control over how much of the bleaching agent is applied to the teeth and how long it’s left there. This can lead to gum irritation and other uncomfortable side effects.

In-office whitening procedures are much more convenient and successful than at-home whitening treatments. This is because the procedure is performed under the supervision of a dentist who can control how strong the whitening agent is and how long the treatment takes. This ensures that any discomfort is minimized and the treatment is as quick as possible while producing excellent results. In addition, professional whitening results last longer than those offered by over-the-counter products.

Professional whitening is also much more effective than an at-home kit. This is because the dentist can access high-quality bleaching agents and perform the procedure under carefully controlled conditions that ensure the best possible results. Furthermore, the professional whitening process includes a protective gel or coating that shields the teeth from future staining. This protective layer is not usually included at home, meaning patients are more likely to get stains on their teeth within a week or two of using a store-bought product.

The Advantages of Teeth Whitening

One significant benefit is that the treatment improves the appearance of your smile by brightening your teeth and removing stains and discoloration from drinking coffee or wine. This can give your entire smile a better impression overall. Many people choose teeth whitening to improve their self-confidence and quality of life. If you are feeling self-conscious about your smile due to yellowed, stained teeth, this can help restore your confidence and happiness. Even one session can make a massive difference in the appearance of the teeth.


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