In-Office Dental Plans

Our office recognizes that quality dental care is presently beyond the reach of millions of Americans. To offset the spiraling cost of care, we have developed the Oral Health Savings Plan. Now, with the convenience of controlled costs, world-class dental care is even more affordable and accessible than ever.

The Plan at a Glance

Adult one-year membership – $425 
Additional family member – $400 
(Spouse and/or dependent in the same household)

Annual Membership Includes:

2 regular check-ups per year (savings of $150)

2 regular cleanings per year (healthy gums) (savings of $275)

All necessary X-rays (savings of $75-250)

Oral cancer screenings (savings of $40)

15% savings on all restorative, cosmetic, endodontic, 
prosthodontic, orthodontic, and surgical services.


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